2018 Public Cloud Performance Benchmark Report

AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
Performance and connectivity put to the test.

The 2018 Public Cloud Performance Benchmark Report measures and compares network performance between the top three public cloud providers—Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

The industry's first report of its kind breaks the mold of survey-based research and vendor-led reporting to provide a unique, unbiased third-party and metric-based perspective on public cloud performance as it relates to end-user experience.
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Here's Why You Should Read This Report

Gain Insights into
Global Performance

Cloud performance should not be a black box. Find out the strengths and weaknesses of the three major public cloud vendors, and how they can impact your business globally.

Make Data-Driven
Cloud Decisions

Rely on data, not just your gut, to make confident decisions about your cloud-first investments. This report offers valuable metrics and insights along with best practices recommendations.

Leverage a
Comprehensive Dataset

Benefit from an in-depth analysis of over 160M unique data measurements of global performance, inter-AZ, inter-region and multi-cloud performance across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
"As enterprises increasingly move to cloud-first IT strategies, IT increasingly depends upon infrastructure assets they don't control. The 2018 Public Cloud Performance Benchmark Report lifts the veil obscuring region-to-region and cloud-to-cloud performance within and between public clouds, providing IT infrastructure execs critical intelligence on the performance they can expect from single cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid IT environments."
Jason Bloomberg President

Cloud State 2018

Archana Kesavan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at ThousandEyes, shares the findings from the industry's first ever data-driven public cloud performance benchmark report.
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Three Key Performance Factors
for Public Cloud Decisions

Read the eBook to find out what the three key performance factors are that impact public cloud decisions and how to adopt a data-driven approach when choosing between AWS, Azure and GCP.
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Cloud State 2018

Paul Chapman, CIO of Box, and Kira Makagon, EVP of Innovation at RingCentral, weigh in on cloud performance, why it matters and how the insights presented in the Public Cloud Performance Benchmark Report are key to crafting a sound cloud strategy.
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